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Training Program Package

Can't make it to our facility? No Problem! Let us design a personalized training program for you to crush your goals anywhere!

Does our class schedule conflict with your daily schedules? Are you unable to make it to our facility for personal training? Are you located outside of the area? Or maybe you're looking to add a couple extra days to your training routine at another facility? Whatever your reasoning, it would be our pleasure to help you crush your goals anyway! 

We can create a 6-week training program for you to use anywhere outside of our home facility, whether that be a regimen for at-home use, a routine for an open-gym facility, or something supplemental to your regular training programs with us. We'll tailor it specifically to your needs and goals (based off of our initial assessment) and we'll create a program specific to the equipment and space you'll be able to utilize on your own. We'll get the details in your assessment, design a program for your personalized use, and take you through a 60-minute session going over all of the techniques regarding the training program. This way, we can give you all of the tools you'll possibly need to succeed! Also included in the Program Packages is full email/text support throughout the duration of your 6-week training regimen. After the 6-week period, either continue to use your program as you see fit, or come see us for a new program to keep things fresh and interesting. Either way, we want to help!

Our Training Program Package includes:
---Initial Assessment/Consultation
---Personalized Training Program tailored to your abilities and goals
---List of required equipment to complete the workout
---A PDF email or printed copy of your workout card to record progress
---A 60-minute training session (separate from the initial assessment) to take you through the full workout, including proper lifting techniques, correct use of appropriate equipment, and to answer any follow-up questions
---Email/Text support from your Certified Personal Trainer to answer any questions or concerns that arise during the 6-week program

Investment: Get our full Training Program Package for one flat fee of $349. As a bonus to our current customers, we offer a discounted rate of only $175 to all regular training clients (from personal training or group fitness classes).

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