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Being tactical is all about gaining an edge over your opponent.

There is a new premium on having a mental edge on your opponent. At a younger age, it’s really easy to physically compete with people, but as you rise through the levels, it becomes less about the physical side. Physical skill can get you to the top, but it’s mindset that gets you to stay at the top. We help athletes perform better under stress, develop a positive mindset, gain more confidence, have more motivation, reset their focus quicker after making a mistake. We also help athletes enjoy their sport more. Because let’s be honest, if you’re struggling on the field mentally, you’re not going to be enjoying your sport as much as you should be.


Embark on -YOUR- journey to wellness!

Why Embark? Because you have the opportunity to begin again with every breath, every interaction, every day, and every year whether you realize it consciously or not. Here, you have the chance to embark the yoga that is right for you, a holistic yoga path that is unique and personalized, to live the best life possible.

Dawn Shawley is a private yoga teacher and certified Yoga Therapist who has been practicing yoga since 2004. She brings over 15 years of expertise in adaptive yoga to a wide spectrum of clientele. Since 2007, she has been customizing yoga practices to client-specific needs, including injury recovery, limited range of motion, chronic pain, pelvic floor dysfunctions, and beginners. As a Comprehensive Yoga Therapist, she shows clients how self-awareness, various yoga tools, and setting small goals can help them navigate life's changes and stressors with more ease.


Be impossible to ignore.

In September of 2023, Titan Tactical began to contract our services as Strength Coaches for Susquehanna University Athletics. With 23 varsity sports competing at the NCAA DIII level, Susquehanna is home to nearly 600 student-athletes.

"Realize your unique potential and lead a successful and meaningful life through a transformative education at Susquehanna University — the future-ready institution for today, invested in cultivating intellectual grounding, practical application and global citizenship for all students."

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