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Personal Training

You have a goal in mind? Let's get you there.

Personal Training: Schedule

No Membership Fees

Why? Because membership fees are gross, that's why. Gyms try to sell you memberships by listing all of the things that are "included" with them. How much of that do you actually use? That's what we thought... Stop paying for stuff you don't use!

Free Assessments

Let me say that again... Free.

A No-Cost, Comprehensive, and Individualized Assessment available for anyone looking to improve on their current fitness levels. Let's Get Started.

Personal/Small Group Training

This. This right here is the most underrated part of any fitness regimen. See those actors and actresses on TV? Yeah, the chiseled ones with the million-dollar superhero role. They didn't achieve those results alone, they had trainers. Trainers who tailored a specific workout to a specific individual with specific goals/roles in mind. That's exactly what we do, but I guarantee you won't have to drop the cash that they did! Here's our pricing for one-on-one training sessions:

  • 1/2 hour: $35

  • 1 hour: $55

See? Surprisingly affordable, and did we mention that there's no membership fee on top of it all?

Are there even more affordable options for you? Hell yeah, we've got you covered. It's simple: invite your friends, family, or members of your unit to join you! With small group training, you still get workouts specially tailored to you and your needs (no cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all stuff here) at a more affordable price. Here's some options:

  • 2 participants: $40 ea

  • 3 participants: $35 ea

  • 4 participants: $30 ea

  • 5+ participants: $25 ea

Talk about savings! How about we give you some more? If you book all of you appointments up front for the month, we'll give you another 10% off if you book 4 or more sessions, and 15% off for 12 or more sessions booked. Why? We respect your commitment, and it's time you were rewarded for your grind.

This is available for all individuals. We have extensive experience working with all demographics, and we aren't exclusive. You have a goal in mind? Let's get you there.

Personal Training: Pro Gallery
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