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Personal Training

You have a goal in mind? Let's get you there.

Free Assessments

Let me say that again... Free.

A No-Cost, Comprehensive, and Individualized Assessment available for anyone looking to improve on their current fitness levels. Let's Get Started.

Individual Training

One-on-One sessions with one of our certified trainers that is individualized to you and your goals, and at a time that fits your busy schedule!

  30-min sessions:  $40 per session

  45-min sessions:  $50 per session

  60-min sessions:  $60 per session

  15-min Manual stretching: $25 per session

Small Group Training

All sessions are 60-minutes and designed to be more budget friendly while still getting the attention of personalized training!

   2-on-1 sessions:  $45 per person

   3-on-1 sessions:  $40 per person

   4-on-1 sessions:  $35 per person

   5+ persons:         $30 per person


These are available for clients that wish to pay for and lock in their training times for a month at a time. The monthly pay discounts are as follows:

 4+ sessions: 10% off monthly total  

(for those that train at least once a week)

 12+ sessions: 15% off monthly total

(for those that train at least 3x per week)

Other Options

Large Group/Team Training: Please let us know what your needs are, and we’ll quote you for a special price for the group! Sports teams, firehouses, and everything in between and beyond.

Corporate Training (for businesses): Contact us for more information and how we can integrate our training options into your employee health programs! Or… let us help you create one!

Pre-programmed Classes: Please see our "Fitness Classes" for more information and pricing. Prices are on a monthly basis and are our most economical options. Dedication and consistency are required for optimal results!

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