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Nutritional Coaching

Because Exercise is only half of the battle.

Nutrition can be complicated… But it doesn’t have to be when you work with a coach that knows the in’s and out’s of what works best based on your goals and lifestyle. Whether you want to lose fat and keep it off for good, maximize your muscle growth, improve your energy levels, improve your overall health and wellness, or if you’re an athlete that wants to optimize your diet based on the sports you play, nutrition coaching can be for you to achieve your goals.

Every initial consultation will be in-person. Based upon your schedule and needs, we can make any subsequent sessions either in-person, or we can work for you over zoom so you can stay on top of reaching your goals from anywhere! All sessions are 45-mins in length, and are held on a weekly basis. We require a minimum commitment of three months with all nutritional clients... because the changes you're looking to make will take time, consistency, and commitment. You can do this!

Our Nutritional Coaching Packages are as follows:

3 Month Package:    $599      (includes 12 total sessions)
6 Month Package:    $1,149   (includes 26 total sessions)
12 Month Package:  $1,999   (includes 52 total sessions)

Discount: We offer a 10% discount to all regular training clients (from individual trainings or group fitness classes).

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