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Client Testimonials

Real People. Real Thoughts. Real Results.
Client progress is our greatest achievement.

I have been working with Matt since 2015 both in small group classes and one-on-one personal training sessions. Matt is the perfect balance of supportive and tough. He is an attentive listener and gets to know his clients personally, assessing their needs and readiness both physically and mentally. When I was rehabbing after a knee surgery, Matt gave me regular manageable goals to help me stay on track - which was also a tremendous help in keeping my frustration with the process at bay. It is clear that Matt cares about his clients and works to ensure that each individual's goals are central to that session, and he is committed to the time you have set aside to work with him. I've had many opportunities to see Matt interacting with other clients as well, and I have been very impressed by his passion and knowledge to help clients of various ages and ability levels.

-Betsy V.B. 

I have been in a small group TRX class taught by Cindy Murphy for nearly a year. I have noticed a definite change in my strength level during the past year. I love working with Cindy.
She is very positive, encouraging, and supportive. Cindy modifies exercises to accommodate each individual's ability level, while encouraging each person to achieve his/her personal best. She makes everyone feel comfortable when we are learning new things, and she watches carefully to be sure that it is done correctly to avoid injury.

My husband can't believe that I jump out of bed when the alarm rings and hurry off to the gym.
That's how much I love TRX and training with Cindy!

-Kay L.

I have been training with Matt for a few years. As a ‘senior’ I can’t imagine working out with anyone better. Matt is aware of issues with my back and right shoulder and has custom designed my workouts (3 times a week) to accommodate these areas of concern. At the same time he skillfully maintains my strength and balance at a pace that is very manageable. I always run/jog for 1/2 hour before my workout since there are treadmills available. Matt keeps track of my progress and is very attentive, making slight adjustments to technique if I forget. He is always encouraging, even on what I consider ‘bad’ days, reminding me that the overall consistent ups and downs of progress is more important than dwelling on occasional discouraging moments. Matt is amazing. I totally trust him with my physical well being.

-William P.

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2006 and have been fighting it for 14 years. At first, I used
Medication and physical therapy, but it became more difficult to perform my daily tasks without
my wife’s help. We met Cindy and began personal training. She took a real interest in helping
me improve my condition.  She then started the PWR!Moves classes to further help me and
many others with this disease, and then the Rock Steady Boxing program. Cindy truly cares
about helping all people with Parkinson’s and, as a leader and coach, she has recruited other
great helpers in this cause. Today, I am able to complete my every-day tasks without the help I
needed in the past.  I credit this improvement to Cindy and the programs she leads. 

-Fred S.

As the spouse of someone with Parkinson's, I can truly say I am thankful for having started with
Cindy Murphy for my husband’s exercise program.  First in personal training sessions and then
in the PWR!Moves classes and now in Rock Steady Boxing.  
He has been able to keep his ability to take care of himself and manage the challenges of day to
day living because of her very individualized work with each and every one in her classes.  I
would highly recommend her to any one with Parkinson's or any other movement disorder.

-Jackie S.

This is a great gym! I have worked with all three trainers there at some point or another. They are professional and really interested in helping their clients achieve their goals. Lots of options for getting fit and healthy in a no pressure setting! So glad Titan is there for me! Thanks to Matt, Carl, and Cindy, you guys are the best!

-Nancy N.

I have worked with Matt one-on-one for since 2018. He is very encouraging, motivating, professional, and is more than willing to push me with every workout. Matt is a good listener.  He is very good at navigating around any issues I may have with short term aches and pains.  I have gotten and continue to get great results from working with Matt.  He is excellent at designing a customized regimen and keeps me from getting bored.  He has great people skills and wonderful customer service.  I highly encourage anyone considering Titan Tactical to sign up.  You will not be disappointed.

-Nathan H.

I have trained with Cindy for almost a year with a wonderful small group. We use the TRX
system at the gym and love it!  Cindy is one of the most encouraging people I know and makes
it fun to work out.  She is also excellent with modifications for those of us with knee or shoulder
issues.  She always has extra equipment ready if we need other accommodations. The TRX
system has made me much stronger, and I have gained confidence because of Cindy’s
expertise. She is a fabulous trainer!

-Adelyn E.

Toward the end of last year, I was searching for a new physical challenge - something that would be a good companion workout to my daily at-home yoga practice. So, on Friday, January 3rd, I started my twice-weekly adventure with TRX. I'm not here to tell you this is an easy class. It kicked my butt EVERY time but I LOVED every minute of it. I never thought I would feel or look stronger in my 40's than I did in my 20's, but here I am. So, thank you Matt for not going easy on me!

If you want to know more about TRX or just want to level up your physical game, I highly recommend Titan Tactical!

-Leslie H.

Cindy Murphy has changed her career to provide help and support for class members who are
afflicted with Parkinson’s disease. She has gone out of her way to study what kinds of
instruction and physical activity are necessary to combat and slow the effects of the
degenerative illness. Cindy has assembled a knowledgeable staff that combined with a team of
caring volunteers has helped the participants become deeply involved in their respective
classes and not surrendering to Parkinson’s.

-John M.

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