Specialized Program Options

There's workout options for everyone!


Women and Weights

Why should women lift weights? There's a bit of a notion that women get larger from weightlifting, and should therefore avoid it... However, women do not get bulky by lifting weights unless they're specifically trying to! 

Women on Weights: $125

This class will teach you fundamentals of weight lifting while helping you achieve your fitness goals through strength training. Throughout the class, you’ll work with free weights, medicine balls, resistance bands, and other exercise equipment to improve general strength and conditioning. This 4-week program will provide guidance on basic workout principles, exercises and strengthening different muscle groups. Strength training will has been proven to help with the following: Enhance Muscle Definition, Boost Metabolism, Enhance Fat Loss, Reduce Risk of Injury, Prevent Various Diseases, and Improve Sleep. Participants meet for class three times a week for a month-long period.

Sunrise and Exercise

One Month Program: $125

This program is designed for the working class that needs to get in and out before work or someone that likes to get their workout done early. In this class you will train in all the different types of exercise, including cardiovascular, stabilization, strength endurance, strength hypertrophy, pure strength, power, and flexibility. If you are looking for a small group that continues to progress properly and safely, this session is for you. This class will be continuously running; each month you can choose to renew your subscription, so no long term commitments or wasted cash! Participants meet for class three times per week for 45-60 mins for a one-month period.

Golden Spokes

One Month Program: $90

Golden Spokes is a small group cycling class for people who are 65+ and have always wanted to give indoor cycling a try. Classes are led by a certified coach who will monitor your heart rate to provide a safe exercise protocol in a controlled environment. Everyone gets a great workout catered to their ability level while accomplishing the workout together. Benefits of this program are increased cardiovascular fitness, lower body fat, improved joint mobility, and reduced stress and anxiety. Participants meet for class twice per week for 60 mins for a one-month period.

Personal Training

All programs are specific to the individuals participating in the class. However, if you need some extra attention to work on your technique, or you simply prefer solo or small group training, check out our Personal Training page for more information!

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