Titan TRX Training

TRX Suspension Training (Total Resistance Exercise) has been making waves in both the military and general fitness fanatics, but what the heck is it? In short, TRX sessions have participants utilize a set of suspension straps to use their own body weight as resistance for various strength, flexibility, or cardiovascular exercises. In their own words:

"Born in the Navy Seals and since adopted by premier athletes across the globe, TRX is scientifically proven to improve total-body strength, stability, and even cardiovascular health. Since day one, TRX has empowered people of all kinds to be their best selves, never limited by constraints of time, place, or physical ability." -TRXTraining.com

We offer several different levels of TRX Training led by our TRX Certified Trainer. Check out the different options available for you, and see our gallery below!


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