Parkinson's Programs

Fighting For A Better Future

The mission of our community-based exercise programs is to ignite hope and empower people living with Parkinson’s disease (PD) to fight back. Our participants receive research-based training approaches to promote safe and progressive workout strategies. Besides being fun and socially engaging, classes generate camaraderie, restore functionality, and bring purpose to the lives of those who participate. We encourage communication with neurologists; physical, occupational and speech therapists; and other specialists, to create a collaborative approach to our classes. It is our desire that anyone with a recent diagnosis of PD or those who have been diagnosed for many years to have the ability to participate in our programs.

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Rock Steady Boxing

Rock Steady Boxing (RSB) was founded by Greg Newman, a prosecutor from Indianapolis, Indiana, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in his early 40’s. A non-contact boxing workout, RSB is based on medical research that has shown that “forced intense” exercise can reduce, reverse and delay Parkinson’s symptoms. This training improves agility, mobility, balance, stamina, strength, accuracy and eye-hand coordination while creating a sense of community.

Led by certified coaches, classes are created to be fun and are designed for people at any level. Placement into a specific level is dependent on an assessment with a coach prior to starting the program. No prior boxing experience is necessary. Boxing gloves and gels are required and can be purchased after the assessment.

Classes are held on Tuesdays/Thursdays for 90 mins.

The cost for a full month of classes is $80.



PWR!Moves was created by neuroscientist and Parkinson’s exercise specialist Rebecca Farley of Phoenix, Arizona. The program is structured around four foundational elements of exercise to counteract bradykinesia, rigidity and incoordination that interfere with everyday mobility. The classes are designed to help people at all stages of Parkinson’s disease using PWR!Up to reduce falls and step bigger, PWR!Rock for weight shifting and to widen base of support, PWR!Twist using trunk rotation to reduce rigidity, and PWR!Step to improve transitions and balance. In this program, we also work on cognition, voice activation and activities of daily living.

Progressions are given to meet the needs of each individual. Classes are organized into two levels. The determination of a person’s recommended level is based upon a preliminary assessment. PWR!Moves is a Parkinson’s exercise program to help people GET BETTER and STAY BETTER with EXERCISE.

Classes are held on Mon/Wed/Fridays for 60 minutes.

The cost for a full month of classes is $80.

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Support Group Meetings

In addition to these great programs, the leaders of our Parkinson's Programs hold monthly support group meetings for those with PD, their family members, and caregivers. We typically have guest speakers from other businesses and facilities to offer additional guidance and programs that can assist those with PD, and help improve upon their daily lives.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all support group meetings are held online. This program is free to all. Remember, we're all in this together! Interested in getting more information or becoming a guest speaker? Contact our Parkinson's leader, Cindy, directly at

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Speech Therapy

To continue our goal of assisting those with PD to our fullest extent, we've partnered with Speech-Language Pathologist, Lauren Hermann, of Ideal Speech Solutions. Lauren runs a fantastic program for those with PD called SPEAK OUT!®. The program typically consists of twelve speech therapy sessions and daily home practice. Together, the patient and speech-language pathologist complete speech, voice and cognitive exercises using a specialized workbook that Parkinson Voice Project provides to every person with Parkinson’s who is receiving SPEAK OUT!

In addition, Lauren offers a program called LOUD Crowd®: The LOUD Crowd is a free maintenance program that provides accountability and education through weekly group sessions where SPEAK OUT! exercises are performed. As an added bonus, this maintenance program promotes camaraderie and provides support and encouragement for the local Parkinson's community.

Interested in learning more about how Ideal Speech Solutions can assist you or a loved one? Check out