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Virtual Training

For those stuck at home or from a land far, far away: The Virtual Titans

Online Personal Training

Whether you're too far from away from us, you're practicing social distancing, or you just can't get a babysitter, we're still at your service! We'll start off by scheduling an online video chat or a simple phone call to discuss your goals, your medical history, your available fitness equipment and spacing at home, and any other challenges that may arise from exercising at home. Once we've completed this initial consult, we'll set up days/times that work with your schedule to meet online and get you the best workout you can have in your own home. 

$40 for one-hour sessions

$25 for half-hour sessions

Both tested and proven to be effective, our personal trainers adapt to your needs and to your home life and help you reach your fitness goals. And guess what? Your gym commute time just dropped to zero. Grab your computer or smart phone... and let's get you started!

Workout Plans

This is an option for those that want to be able to go to a big box gym, use their in-home gym, or anything in-between. If you're feeling comfortable with your lifting technique and your workout abilities, we'd be happy to set up a program for you to complete on your own.

We'll customize a 4-week training regimen based on your goals and abilities, and we'll even check in with you from week to week to keep you accountable if needed. We want you to succeed as badly as YOU want you to succeed!

$50 for each 4-week customized programs. 

Fitness Classes

We also have certain fitness classes available to attend by way of the web! Here are a list of the classes available to attend virtually:

-TRX Mashup (AM option only)

-Golden Spokes


Please check out our FITNESS CLASSES page for more information on each of these options.

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